Petroleum Resin ( C5, C9)

  • ¥ Primary CAS: 64742-16-1
  • ¥ Packaged in 25 kg bags
  • ¥ Shelf Life: 2 Years (if stored correctly and kept in manufacturer seal package)
  • ¥ Synonyms: Petroleum Resin|Resins, petroleum|hydrocarbon resin,
  • postpolymerised with maleic anhydride|Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, polymd.|Aliphatic hydrocarbon resins|Petroleum resins|distillates, petroleum, steam cracked, polymerised|hydrocarbon resin (unspecified)|Petroleum resin|C5 Petroleum Resin|C9 Petroleum Resin|Hydrocarbon Resin|C9 petroleum resins|C5 petroleum resins|Petroleum Resin C9|Petroleum Resin C5.


TRI is your source to an alternative for Chinese Hydrocarbon Resins. As a representative various high-quality manufacturers – TRI imports and stocks many forms of Hydrocarbon Resin throghout the United States. By working directly with manufacturers we are able to provide competitive sourcing solutions. Aromatic C9 hydrocarbon resins are the most soluble and compatible of all the unmodified hydrocarbon resins. May be used in adhesives, rubber and pigment wetting, co-resin applications for oleo resinous printing inks. Aliphatic C5 hydrocarbon resins have somewhat limited compatibilities which can be harnessed as a set improver and in economically sensitive applications. Uses include hot-melt applications, print inks, adhesives, polymer additives and coatings.


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